Seaside, FL is one of my favorite places. My family has taken a trip to Seaside every year since I can remember, and this little town has my heart wrapped around its finger. The way the light dances on the water, the vibrant colors and lush greens - I could photograph this place forever!

I love Fall in Seaside. It's the perfect temperature, and the air is so refreshing. And it's peaceful and quiet since not a lot of people visit that time of year. After sipping a glass of wine on the deck overlooking the ocean, we headed out towards the beach and stopped along the way whenever something caught my eye (which is like every 3 feet in this place haha).

Having visited for 20+ years, we've explored every inch of Seaside (mostly via bike rentals - which you totally understand if you've ever been to there. I think there are more bikes than people haha). But this year I got to explore with Christen in a new way because I brought my camera along. I love having my camera with me because I slow down. I look at things differently and appreciate the detail. Plus I had the best model. I mean WOW. I thought this beach-side town was beautiful... but my sister is the beautiful one! A few minutes into shooting I realized she didn't have an ounce of makeup on besides lipstick... If you're wondering how on earth a woman can look this naturally stunning, join the club because I'm wondering the same thing.

Here are some of my favorites from our little impromptu shoot!

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