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CREATED TO CREATE | Brianna Gill of Enlighten

There is a beautiful mix of innocence and boldness that comes with trying something new. Pursuing a skillset that you've never tapped into takes courage and perseverance, but also the child-like curiosity of "what if". What if I tried to do this? What if it was challenging but I pushed through it and succeeded?

I'm a firm believer that stepping out of your comfort zone breathes new life into your soul. But when you step out of your comfort zone to create it does something truly magical - it also breathes life to others. What you create, especially what is created in HIS name, becomes a beacon. A reminder of who He is, and who you are because of Him.

Light gathers people together, just as people were naturally drawn to Jesus. Whether it's a campfire or a candle on a coffee table, people love to be around the light. Conversations and comfort happen around it. The scent is familiar and feels like home. When I see an Enlighten candle I'm reminded that it's a symbol of who He is, and who we're called to be as followers of Jesus. We're called to invite people into peace. We're called to invite them into friendship and conversation. We're called to be light and share it with others.

December's feature is on Brianna Gill's candle-making business, Enlighten. Read about the heart behind the business and how the Lord is moving!

Tell me what it was like to get started with candle-making.

Getting started was so exciting, because I just felt the Lord’s hand all over it. I was walking through an antique store one day and I was looking at a beautiful jar, and I just felt the Lord gently nudge me to put a candle in it. Looking around there were so many different containers that all had different stories and different purposes, and I thought that it was just such a beautiful picture of identity. No one has the exact same stories or purpose as another and that is what makes our God given identity so precious.

So, the initial start was very fun, but if I’m being completely honest it was also extremely frustrating. I had no experience with making candles, so I failed miserably with my first few attempts, but it was also really humbling to fail before I saw an ounce of success. I ended up having to remake about 25 candles, which is probably the messiest thing I have ever done, but I truly did learn so much and was able to reflect with the Lord on why I’m doing this, and he reminded not to lose sight of him in the mess.

Where did you get the idea for the name "Enlighten"?

I had been hearing the word "enlighten" consistently since august, and I was a little confused, because it’s not a very common word. But a few days after I had walked through the antique store it clicked. The definition is to “bring greater knowledge and understanding,” and I believe that the Lord wants to bring light and understanding to the identity he has so specifically crafted for each person.

How are your candles unique?

No single jar is alike, unless it is a set of candles, but I try to make them all different so that each Enlighten customer feels like they are receiving something so unique to them.

I use wooden wicks because I prefer the way that they burn over other wicks, and they do have a soft crackle when you burn them. The scents differ with each season, but I try to have around 5 options available at a time.

What is your main goal and/or the heart behind Enlighten?

Ephesians 1:18 - “I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people”

The Lord has been speaking this verse over and over again, and I just feel such a call to identity with Enlighten. The Father’s heart desires for His children to know the hope to which he has called us, and the eyes of our heart must be ENLIGHTENED in order for that to happen!

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to begin a new hobby or business?

If you feel a nudge from the Lord, do not be afraid to say yes. He blesses our obedience and longs to use us for his glory, all he needs is a YES! And as uncomfortable as it may be, embrace failure. There is so much to be learned in the mess, and it is so humbling and so beautiful to allow the Lord to turn what we see as failure into something amazing for His kingdom.

What have you learned about yourself and/or the Lord through this business?

I have learned so much about how the Lord loves me. He has taken me into such a deeper place of knowing who I am, and the ways that he sees me. I have also gotten to experience just how fun he is! I’ve had the humbling lesson of learning that everything isn’t going to work out my way, but also have come to find that I don’t want it to, because God is always going to exceed any expectation I set.

To check out more of Bri's candles or to place an order, click here.


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