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CREATED TO CREATE | Nicole Tarpoff of Reflect & Co.

How did Reflect & Co. begin?

Reflect & Co. first started as a deceleration over my one-day daughter. I was making a mirror with my dad for my room and I remember thinking "wow, this is beautiful. How cool would it be to make a mirror for my daughter one day??". And then in that moment I just decided that I will make my daughter a mirror and pray over it and declare that she will see nothing and hear nothing but truth when she looks at herself.

So it started with my personal mirror, turned into a declaration over my one-day baby girl, and has now become a movement for all to know who they are in Him and see that and only that when they see themselves.

How did you learn how to make mirrors?

My dad is a carpenter so I've just grown up thinking "oh I can make that!". So really, my dad has taught me everything that I know and continues to help me and show me how to do this well. He also fixes my mistakes when I make them (often ;) ).

How have you seen the Lord's hand in this adventure?

EVERYWHERE. He is the reason and heartbeat of it all *praise hands***!!!!

I remember the season I was discerning when and if I was to start making and selling mirrors. I was feeling discouraged and started scrolling on my computer for marketing jobs. As soon as I started scrolling, I got a message on Instagram from Seed + Harvest. They had just launched their business and I had won one of their giveaways. It was a free dreaming and business planning session with Kelsey and Lauren. I literally audibly laughed and closed my computer.

I started Refect and Co when I was living out on a farm, and then I felt him asking me to move, which at the time I thought this meant I wouldn't be able to make mirror bc I wouldn't have a place to store my wood, or keep all of my power tools and saws and things :) when going to look at a dear friends dining room to see if I could make a mirror for her, we sat down and got to talking about the mirrors. At the time I was looking for a different job and I remember my friend saying to me "Nicole, I don't know why you're looking for other jobs, I really think you should focus on Reflect & Co.". And I thought, well that would be AWESOME but I'm going to be moving and I won't have a space to make them. My friend proceeded to ask me what kind of space I needed, I responded with "literally just a roof and some open space". And she said "honey, do you see that big ole' barn out there?? You can do whatever you want in there". We then got to talking about how my pricing wasn't sustainable because the wood was so expensive, she then told me that they had just resided their barn and have TONS of wood that I could have. That day He gave me a space to work and wood to work with.

THEN, as I was moving my tools in to the barn with my parents we realized that there wasn't electricity hooked up in the barn. Then my dad remembered that just the day before his best friends that works at an outdoor store had called him and asked him if he knew anyone that needed a generator because a customer had returned one and for some reason they couldn't resell it. I MEAN COME ON!!!

Since then, He continues to show up in really sweet and profound ways. It's the greatest adventure. He always sends the right people, at the right now and continues to mold and shape Reflect & Co.

How and when do you choose a title for each mirror?

Sometimes He gives me a title as I'm creating it, sometimes He teaches me something as I'm creating the mirror and then the title is inspired by that, and sometimes it's when I'm specifically praying over the person that will receive the mirror and there's a phrase or theme that stands out that inspires the title :)

Tell me about the heart behind your latest line of mirrors: "Holy Inheritance"

This line is my heart beat; the reason this all started! What we are speaking over ourselves are what our daughters will do too. This line is the declaration that we will be a generation and a body of people that raise up daughters and sons in the Kingdom that know who they are in Him because of the way we live our lives and the example we set. We influence generations to come.

What have you learned about yourself and the Lord through this business so far?

The Lord has taught me so much throughout this process and journey. Specifically He has taught me dependance on Him. He continues to show up, as I remain open and willing, He remains faithful.

What advice do you have for anyone feeling called to start a business?

Your yes is powerful.

Walk with Him, work with Him, and watch how He does everything. Partnering with Jesus is never forced and never obligatory, it's an invitation. Dreaming with Him and bringing heaven to earth is an invitation I will forever RSVP to and show up for every time.

Just commit to learning and growth and trusting His timing. Your business is just a medium for His love and glory to be shown and made known. There will be people that will come along that need what He has given you to steward. If something isn't working out, perhaps He's still just lining everything up for that right person to come at the right time. Maybe they don't follow you on Instagram yet, maybe they don't know your business exists yet. He will bring them. He's never late. Just walk with Him. Just take a step back and commit staying grounded in and living from a heavenly perspective <3

Watch this amazing video by Meagen C Photography to hear more from Nicole and see behind the scenes of Reflect & Co!

Also Check out Nicole's work on her website, and follow along on her Instagram!

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