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CREATED TO CREATE | Rebecca Bailey of Burned By Becca

I first heard about Becca's wood burning business from a friend and knew right away that I wanted to meet her! So when our paths crossed at a local creative market, I was so excited! She is such a gentle, kind young woman with a bubbly spirit of joy that is evident the moment she speaks. You'll be hard-pressed to find someone as precious as Becca!

The story behind her art is so awesome and I'm honored to share it with you all for this month's feature in the Created to Create series.

How long have you been wood burning? How did you get started?

I’ve been wood burning for about two years now. I started burning as a way to raise money for my mission trip to Guatemala in 2016 and when I got back, I never stopped receiving orders! It was a great way to make extra money and as I kept creating, my love for making things just kept on growing!

What different types of pieces do you create?

I offer so many different pieces it seems! Its cool because there are so many types of wood to use and thats what make it all so unique. My circle slices are the most popular but theres pretty much every size and shape for whatever you’re wanting. Almost every order that I receive is custom but sometimes they will see a piece on my page and want the same thing.

Tell me about one of your favorite pieces you've made so far.

Hmmm thats a hard one! A lot of the pieces that I make have last names on them or things to represent some type of family anniversary. While I love making those, I think my favorite pieces to make are the ones with simple words or statements that carry a lot of power. Words like “chosen”, or a statement like “grow today”. I love those because I think those are such good reminders to display and read to yourself daily.

How have you seen the Lord move through your business so far?

The Lord has been working through this lil biz in 1673839 different ways! He creates the coolest moments. There was a beautiful mom of two young girls that passed away a little over a year ago of cancer. She was a very bright light here in Georgetown. Her steadfast character and committed trust in Jesus inspired so many. One of her favorite scriptures was Psalm 46:10 (be still and know that I am God). She had displayed some pieces I made for her in their home and was such an encouraging friend to me when I had started my business. As her friends and family visited her and saw the pieces in her home, they began ordering slices from me as a way to stay connected to her. I never thought that there would be that kind of connection made with my pieces. Watching their response as they received their “be still” burn was so heart warming. It made me realize that this is so much deeper than wood burning, its another way to love people.

Do you use stamps or are your pieces free handed?

I use stamps and free hand! I really like doing both techniques on the same piece to make it look… extra :) haha!

What is the ultimate goal/vision of your business?

Oh man… I have so many visions and dreams! I started this business when I was 16 and in the beginning, I was definitely going through the motions, not really knowing what the heck I was doing. The Lord put a million opportunities in front of me and although I had so much fear, He gave me so much more peace. I was able to start selling at vendor fairs and got to meet other creators that had so much encouragement for me.

I’m a senior in high school right now and in the last two years, I started visiting colleges and trying to figure out what I want to do for the future. Every time I got anything in the mail for school, or someone asked me what I was leaning towards, I would start freaking the freak out! Haha I had no clue and have too many desires to just pick one right now! As I began to pray and ask God for wisdom, He immediately said to keep doing what I’m doing. Of course, my human instinct made me question that but the Lord quickly reassured me that He has been equipping me this whole time and is continuing to.

Most people get worried when I say I’m not going to college. But I think that is apart of the whole journey. I could get worried with them and doubt the Holy Spirit or I could trust that Jesus has a plan thats so much better. He knows me so well and gave me what I didn’t know I wanted. Arn’t those the real blessings?! The blessings we didn’t see coming?!

Starting next year this will be my full time career and I’m beyond exciting. I’m believing that the best is yet to come! ​

Theres an unknown quote and it really hits home with me. It says “the closer you are with the Creator, the more creative you’ll be.” I definitely can't make or do anything perfect... but I can look to the one who is and He is always willing to help.

To see more of Becca's work or place an order, check her out on Instagram!


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