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CREATED TO CREATE | Bitty Rose with Invasion of Glory

Where did your journey with painting begin?

I had been on this journey of hearing the Lord’s voice and encountering Him in a deep way; really just longing for more of Him. I would try to read or journal a lot, because I had seen other people encountering Him in that way, but I never seemed to get further in my relationship with Him. After about a year of journeying through that and asking Him for new ways to find Him, He answered! One day I was driving home from work and I felt Him ask me to paint. Knowing I had never painted before, I asked why. He told me that He was going to lead people into freedom through these pieces! I was floored and confused, but I knew it was an answer I needed. So I got home and began this journey, and He’s met people where they’re at through these pieces, just as He promised! He is the most faithful friend.

What process do you go through when you receive an order?

When I paint a prophetic piece, it’s really just the Lord talking to me about His other kids and about how much He loves them. Prophecy literally means to edify and encourage, and I feel like the Lord has given me the voice to do that through these pieces. The way that He's chosen to use me humbles me every time I get behind a canvas.

As I’m painting, I always play worship music and pray for the person the piece is for, their home and for anyone who might come through their home and see it. The creativity just flows from encountering Him! I will be the first to say that I have no clue what I am doing, but I DO know who I am following, and it makes the risks more than worth it! I know He can speak for Himself through the pieces even if I can't explain them.

What is the meaning behind the name Invasion of Glory?

I think often times we’re so quick to think of God as meek and mild because He walks with us and acts as our Counselor. But we sometimes forget that He’s the one who is coming back to fight for us! I’ve just seen through the process of painting and encountering Him that His presence will hit me in such an unexpected and intense way, that often times leaves me speechless. When that happens, I just have to know that’s not the meek and mild side of Him, but that I am experiencing the Lion of Judah! So I want this art to help people encounter the God of power, that can conquer all fear, anxiety, and injustice, and from that, encounter His peace that surpasses all understanding.

What different types of art pieces do you currently create and sell?

I take orders for prophetic art on canvas, and I’ve started doing custom barn wood framing too which can come in different colors. These include gold, silver, cream, and gray. I make these with my Papa in his shop, so they are so precious and sentimental to me as I make them! I also do live painting at weddings, and recently have begun doing canvases topped with an acrylic piece (for things like seating charts at weddings). The best part about these is that they serve as a guide to people during the wedding, but after the wedding, you simply remove the acrylic and hang the piece in your home! I am all about the dual-function. :)

Tell me about your dream to have a piece sold in every state.

This is something that is super near and dear to my heart! I am excited to say I am in 31 states now and looking forward to moving into the rest hopefully by the end of the year. My goal for this is to share the presence of God in every state! I would love to get to the point where I get to travel to all of the states and paint in the state and just welcome His glory!

Have you ever battled doubts or insecurities about your art?

Oh yes, definitely! Thankfully, my mom and dad raised us kids to be confident in anything we’re doing, but whenever you’re creating or making or selling something you’re naturally going to compare yourself and your work to other people. So I spent time talking with the Lord to figure out how to make them uniquely beautiful and figuring out what my style would be, and how He wanted it to look in order to best reflect His nature. There are so many endless things I love about the work of others that makes them so unique; I will champion them until the day I die!

What promises have you seen God fulfill since beginning this journey?

So many! But to name a few, He has fulfilled His promise to provide in mine and Travis’ first year of marriage. And I always wanted to encourage people, but not necessarily through giving a sermon or being on stage; that’s not really my personality. But He provided this where I get to write prayers out and give them beautiful paintings to hang in their home as reminders that He sees them! More than anything, though, I realized that He knows my dreams and passions. He sees the ones that I have long put to sleep and sat on the shelf, thinking they would never happen, but in His grace, He shakes the dust off of them and ignites the dream inside of me all over again! He is the sweetest love. I’ve seen Him provide a way for me to do what I love! It’s been a beautiful unravelling of dreams.

What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue their creative dream?

I would say just go for it and do it with 110% all of you! Surround yourself with people who support your dreams and passions, even if they don't make sense. Having a group that will pray for you and push you to reach your fullest potential is everything!

There is absolutely nothing to lose. If the Lord opens the door and asks you to do something, we have no excuse to withhold His presence! Learn to be confident in the trade, learn humility, take loss gracefully and humbly receive victory! Receiving from the Lord is hard at first, but He wants to give so much more than we are able to receive -- so prepare for an influx of His adoration!

To see more of Bitty's art or to place an order, check out her website:

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