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“What captivates hearts is the believer who actively pursues Christ despite their time of struggle. In fact, when a believer suffers with grace-filled endurance, it proclaims a faith that is powerfully real.”

- Declare Glory

Andrew & Kristi

Andrew proposed to his beautiful girlfriend, Kristi, on February 24th. About a week later, I received an email from Kristi in which she shared her excitement about planning to marry the man of her prayers, but also the heartbreaking news that her father had been diagnosed with stage four biliary duct cancer only 2 months ago. She mentioned a June wedding, but fully embraced that God’s plans do not always align with ours.

A few days later, Kristi's sister Erika informed me that their father’s health had declined. They were going to have a small wedding at their aunt’s house in March so he could be there. Of course I was all in! I was honored to be a part of their love story, no matter where or when. But on Monday, Kristi and Erika called me. Jesus was calling Otto home, and he told them the call was getting louder every day. More than anything, Kristi wanted her father to be at her wedding, so she would bring the wedding to him.

When you accept Jesus, you are adopted into His family. I had never met Andrew & Kristi before their wedding, but my Heavenly family was instantly expanded the moment I received Kristi’s first email. What has left me in awe this week is the community of believers that were so eager to work together to create this celebration.

Family, friends, and even people Andrew & Kristi had never met

were asking to help however they could to make this wedding a reality.

Close friends in Lexington were joining me in daily prayer for them. My friends in the wedding industry were asking how they could be a part of the wedding day free of charge in order to bless them. Friends of the Knop family were asking how they could contribute. The staff of Norton Hospice came together to give amazing wedding gifts to Andrew and Kristi.

The body of Christ is a unstoppable movement. Isn't it so like our God to bring such goodness from something so difficult?! And how kind He is to give us the opportunity to be an active part of His great plan!

The Wedding Day

This day was unlike any I’ve experienced. It was humbling, affirming and completely saturated with the Holy Spirit. Yes, Otto was weak - but when he saw Kristi, he opened his eyes as wide as he could, and he was right there next to her as she walked down the aisle. Andrew and Kristi promised each other forever. When they walked out of the ceremony, they paused in the hallway and stayed in each other’s arms in an embrace that I will never forget.

During the reception, these two families chose joy. They danced, they sang, they clapped and sipped champagne. I was moved by the unwavering faith of Otto’s family and their choice to seek joy in their circumstance.

The depth of God’s love for us is immeasurable, and He proves it every moment of every day. His Spirit is alive and active. He sees every situation, celebration, struggle, pain, heartache and joy - and He is moving.

This week, He showed the world -

the light shines in the darkness, and darkness can never extinguish it.

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Stewart! I have no doubt that your God-centered marriage will be a powerful tool for His Kingdom.


Click here to watch a highlight video of their wedding day by Colburn Video

Special thanks to Norton Healthcare Hospice Inpatient Care Center and the staff who worked together to create a beautiful, private and fun environment where everyone could celebrate.

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