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Created with Grace Photography Lexington Kentucky Arboretum Engagment Session

Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life! Hands down! But there is something so special about your engagement session. Yes, you're in the midst of planning a wedding and it's something we absolutely want to celebrate through your engagement session! But it's the season of engagement that I truly seek to capture in your photographs.

This sweet in-between phase where you're looking forward to becoming husband and wife, but still soaking in the exciting fact that you found your one. You're giddy and totally in love. Not yet one, but beyond excited to get there. It's a season in your relationship that is so precious, and I want to preserve it through photographs!

These are the pictures you'll look back on when you're 70 years old together. You'll laugh about how you had to pick out his outfit for him because he needed some fashion guidance. He'll mention how smokin' hot you were in your 20s, and then remind you that you're even more beautiful now. You'll remember how you were both nervous when you showed up for the session, but then the nerves quickly faded away as soon as you started holding hands. You'll comment about how young you looked back then, and how you're covered in wrinkles now. But those wrinkles are proof that you're sharing a long, happy life together. And as you look back at your engagement photos you'll be reminded of all the wonderful reasons why you said yes all those years ago, and what an amazing adventure it has been so far.

Gregory and Kami are head over heels for each other and their session was a blast! I got to hang out with them as we walked through the Arboretum and popped champagne on a rooftop with the beautiful city view around us. Over 3 years of dating and this couple still laughs like it's their first few weeks together and the butterflies are fresh. The way they look at each other melted my heart the whole session! I'm so honored they chose me to photograph this special time in their relationship. Here are some of my favorites from their session!

Created with Grace Photography Lexington Kentucky Arboretum Engagement Session

Created with Grace Photography Lexington Kentucky Arboretum Engagement Session

Lexington Kentucky Arboretum Engagement Session

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