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If you know me and Ben, you know that we have vastly different interests. Besides our love for Jesus, we don't have a whole lot in common as far as interests go haha. I'm extremely un-athletic, and Ben is the furthest thing from artsy... so when we have date nights, it can be tricky to find something we both love to do.

But lately, we've been loving each other by doing what the other person loves. And it has made for some fun, new date nights :)

Last night was one of those nights.


I love painting. It's my place of quiet rest.

So last night we decided to paint together...

It was an experience to say the least haha. Ben hadn't painted a single thing since high school, and I had never tried to paint WITH someone, let alone my husband.

But we took a shot at it. And let me tell you... it looked hideous. We began with an idea of how we wanted it to look and started sponging away. By the time we got to the center of the painting we realized how horrible it was looking haha. Sitting in his lap in front of the painting, we had a good laugh, and I said more than once through the process "we definitely can't hang this up in the house".

So we took a break while it dried (and watched HGTV of course). We came back to it and tried to fix the mess. We added some more color and water - and lo and behold, it wasn't looking so bad after all!

Ben had the idea of dripping gold paint across the diagonal and it was the perfect touch. (Maybe he is artsy after all?)

Once it had dried, we decided it looked halfway decent.

Looking at our art attempt Ben said "it's not bad for our first painting together". My heart filled to the brim.

"It's not bad for our first painting together."

My sweet husband -- the one who gave me a look of horror as I accidentally knocked over the whole bottle of gold paint and splattered green-tinted water on the wall, and had cringed at our painting halfway through, knowing how bad it looked -- had just said that more painting date nights were to come.

I love him so much.

So yes, our art skills as a team are lacking haha, but the point is that he loved me enough to do something I love, with me.

He laughed with me when it looked hideous, he held me when it was drying, and he smiled when I hung it in our bedroom. This messy canvas is one of my happiest married memories,

and it's the first of many.

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