I wish I'd known...


I wish I had known that no one was going to criticize the choices we made about our wedding day. It was truly our day and our family and friends were only there to celebrate and support our new life together (regardless of how hot they were during our 95 degree outdoor ceremony)!


It is most important to focus on making sure that the two of you are happy! We elected to do a "planned elopement" where only a few family members and close friends were invited to the ceremony. This relieved a lot of stress of having to deal with a sensitive family situation and we had the BEST time. We made sure we had a videographer, so that we had high quality footage of the ceremony and a highlight video to share with those who weren't present. All of our family and friends were so happy for us regardless of if they were at the ceremony or not! We had separate celebrations with each family, which actually allowed us to spend more time with our family and friends than we would have if we had done a big wedding weekend. 



I got so wrapped up in the planning that I totally disregarded thank you notes until 5 months into marriage. Thank people as you have time and make ONE list. (One of my many from showers is still lost...).


All that matters is you and your husband/wife are getting to share your day no matter how grand or minimal the other details are. If Matt and I had gotten married in burlap sacks, it wouldn’t have changed the love we have for each other or the trajectory of our marriage.

 -  tawny


Don't sweat the small stuff during the day! Your guests will be happy no matter what, just enjoy your day!


When people offer to help ... let them help!



After my own wedding and attending others, I have realized that the bride is the only one who will notice if something small is missing. I think it is more important to focus on the feelings, interactions and love than making everything look just so.