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I looked at the Instagram's of wedding vendors I had already booked to see who they frequently worked with to find my vendors for hair and makeup. Not only did it allow me to see their work, it also helped me find vendor's that fit my style and personality.


I would recommend taking your time and really considering whose mission aligns with yours! If your vendors share your vision for your big day, you really can’t go wrong!



A place can be the venue of your dreams, but if the contact person doesn't give you good juju then it’s a good indicator of how your wedding day will go. The biggest thing I looked for in addition to the physical things I wanted from each vendor was people in my corner who wouldn’t stress me out and would have my back to make my day go as smoothly as possible. If we didn’t feel comfortable with them, they didn’t make the cut no matter how enticing the product or service. Also, having a fantastic photographer was high on our priority list. When searching for photographers, be sure to have them show you galleries of their work.

 -  tawny

I met with a few vendors for some of our details and others I went with the very first one. I wanted to work with people who loved what they do and did it with a gracious heart. I loved each of our vendors and they did an incredible job making our wedding day perfect. I also kept in mind our budget and stayed within our limits. Some vendors were incredible but I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford their services, so I tried not to waste their time or ours during our selection.


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We found our vendors on Instagram, The Knot, and recommendations from married friends! We had a short timeline (4 month engagement), but we were still able to get all of the vendors that we really wanted as we went with a Friday afternoon wedding!


Before booking a vendor I looked at plenty of their work and I talked to people who hired them before - that's a huge indication of what that person is willing to do and how they treat and interact with their clients. 


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If you have had friends that have gotten married, ask them their advice and who they used. Just going to talk to vendors helped us too. Getting to know their passion for what they do and their personality (not just the price and availability) helped me decide on who to use.


 a tip from grace ann!

Pay attention to tags and hashtags on Instagram! Search your venue's geotag on Instagram to see who has posted photos from there. Also search hashtags to find vendors, such as #lexingtonweddingphotographer or #kentuckyweddingflorist.