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ROWE WEDDING Ethan Jessica-Wedding Party

My biggest piece of advice for brides is to have someone you trust be the go-to person for the day of the wedding. Ethan and I did not want us or our parents to be stressed the day of the wedding or have to worry about getting everyone from point A to point B. Having a day of wedding coordinator was amazing! She communicated with all of our vendors, she kept us on schedule, and was able to handle any situation that happened throughout the day. If there is room in your budget, I highly recommend a day-of coordinator!


EAT A PRIVATE MEAL. I was so glad we did! We spent meal time capturing amazing beach pictures and then grabbed a quick meal by ourselves in the bridal suite when we got back. By that time we were ready to mingle and dance and didn’t mind getting pulled in a thousand directions- on a full stomach! Plus, we had so much fun being truly by ourselves for the first time that day.



Plan your day around what YOU TWO love! Since Elliot planned our honeymoon, I wanted to make sure I planned for something special at the wedding reception that we would really enjoy together. Since we love to dance, his suggestion was a live band! It was such a great decision for us- Elliot and I danced all night long and so many of our guests said it was very enjoyable! Plus, it made the perfect wedding gift to Elliot!


Don't be afraid to do things differently! Following the ceremony, our guests mingled and enjoyed our locally catered dessert table, because who says you can't eat dessert first?! Also, as guests lined up for our sparkler exit, Zach and I shared a dance together - just the two of us under the hanging lights.