I never imagined how much peace would come with knowing that I am actually one with another. Life is so much simpler now. I honestly thought that marriage would be a difficult transition, because I am the absolute worst when it comes to change, but it was actually surprisingly smooth. Nathan isn’t just my husband; he’s my best friend, my soul mate, my life partner, and even my partner in crime sometimes too!


It has surprised me that being married brought this whole new level to our relationship. We were together 6 years so I thought we knew it all but we continue to grow and learn through one another. One of our first endeavors was two Christmases, lots of good times, and double the family!


POPE WEDDING Rory Hannah-Bride Groom-003

I'm surprised by how fun it has been! We didn't live together before we got married, so it has been a blast living together and adjusting to life as husband and wife. I loved our wedding day so much, but it cannot compare to how I feel being married to the love of my life. It's the best!

 -  chelsey

Before marriage, all you hear is: “Marriage is hard and a lot of work”. I still am told that phrase, and I’m almost 10 months in… I wish I would’ve heard more positive things, like: Marriage is FUN, it’s romantic, it’s quirky, and it’s exciting! It’s something to celebrate daily! It has taken a lot of communication, listening, and love. Yet, it has been so rewarding and so much more fun than I ever dreamed!