inspiration and decisions

WOMACK WEDDING Joey Gabby-Getting Ready-

Choose and don't look back! Pinterest is great for choices but once you have chosen, looking back at ALL the other things you COULD have picked drove me up the wall! (Trust me that's how I ended up with two wedding dresses) Trust your gut and move on! 

 -  gabby

For help on narrowing down choices, start with a budget and stick to it! There are so many incredible choices out there that if you don’t set a limit for yourself it can be so overwhelming. Also if you have a hard time making choices, planning a wedding in a little less time will help narrow done some options just by a process of elimination. We also looked through all of our choices portfolios and only chose to meet with those who matched our vision and style.



To help narrow down choices, I decided to choose 3 things that were most important to me on my wedding day! These included photography, florals/decor, and my dress! Choosing the top three things that will make your day magical are very important and a choice I am so happy I made! This way, you can put your focus into what you will love and enjoy most, and budget in the areas that were not on your list!

 -  sarah

For inspiration I searched a little bit on Pinterest, but mostly tried to think of things on my own! Sladyn also chose on his own to wear a green suit jacket, so it was fun to have different things in our wedding that we thought of on our own.

 -  danielle


For inspiration I used both Pinterest and Instagram. I followed and searched for more inspiration based on ideas I had in mind. But I also used these social media sights to blend some of our own original ideas together! 

 -  emily

 a tip from grace ann!

Don't be afraid to ask your vendors for their opinion! I absolutely loved getting emails and texts from my 2018 brides asking for my thoughts on certain colors and styles. Send your Pinterest boards to your vendors, and tag them in things you love on Instagram. Your vendors are on your team! They want to help bring your wedding vision to life!