advice from the guys


Be understanding! You and your wife are two different people and aren't always going to agree on everything and that's okay, but learn compromise and NEVER go to sleep mad at each other! Most importantly, remember to keep having fun with each other!


Offer to help where you can and listen during the breakdowns. You don’t have to fix everything — sometimes you just have to be the shoulder to cry on.



Learn to forgive quickly, try not to go to bed angry, and to focus on putting each other’s needs first. And, as wedding planning can be busy and stressful, remember that it is only for one day; your marriage is for the rest of your lives! So when accidents happen on the big day, take a deep breath, brush it off, and remember you’re about to embark on the most beautiful adventure with the love of your life!


Don’t be afraid to have input in the planning process. The big day will mean a lot more to you if you’ve had a hand in crafting it. You may think that your bride would prefer to have it her way, but you’d be surprised to know how much she appreciates your opinion!



Be there for your fiancé during the process. Help her make decisions, because if your wife is like mine and the many other women out there that can't even pick a place to eat, then yes help make the decision so she can move on and not stress over something little. Your job is to reassure her that at the end of the day it’s all about you two, and that you can't make everyone happy, and that a specific colored napkin or flower isn't going to make or break the best day of your lives. Also give her your honeymoon to look forward to when things get tough.  


Put thought into choosing your groomsmen. Try on your suit/tux as soon as you can! (We had to get a new tux two days before the wedding, yikes!). After the wedding try not to live in a 450 square foot apartment if you can help it, just because you’re married doesn’t mean you don’t need personal space.


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Set your priorities at the start of your marriage, and keep them— God comes first, and your wife comes second. Don’t let the busyness of daily life disrupt the order you set at the start.