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Initially I did not want to do a first look, however due to my ceremony being later in the day it was necessary. I was so happy that I chose to do one because it gave us a special moment to ourselves before the wedding. It also allowed me to feel more relaxed before and during the ceremony. It also gave us the chance to have a special moment alone before our guests arrived. We were able to take our pictures earlier in the day which allowed us to also enjoy our cocktail hour and spend more time with our friends and family that traveled to celebrate with us.


We decided to do a first look because we are both not huge fans of being in the limelight and wanted to have a few minutes alone. We both wanted to see each other alone without a hundred other eyes looking at us and expecting a specific reaction, it eased a ton of pressure for us both. I would definitely recommend doing a first look! It helped our wedding day feel less rushed too and I felt like we didn’t have to spend too much time away from our reception and guests to take pictures.


HALL WEDDING Austin Emily-Bride Groom-00
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We threw out that old tradition of not seeing each other, because it was our day and that’s what we wanted! Not to mention, nowadays so many people will pull out phones to take pictures/snapchat/etc of you as you go down the aisle, and it can often block your view of each other! Or you can have music malfunctions (like I did) as you approach the aisle, that could take your attention away from each other in that moment if you don’t do a first look.


We did not do a first look and we loved it. All the excitement builds and it just feels right. I think it's down to preference but we wanted it all to be a surprise! I felt like it was less pressure on the day and on each other! And once you are with each other you don't ever have to let go (even just for a moment to walk down the isle)! I did appreciate how Grace Ann let us have a moment alone together after the ceremony- as Man and Wife- those are some of my favorite pictures. 


WOMACK WEDDING Joey Gabby-Ceremony-0079.

We did a first look and were so happy we did it. When planning, we weren't sure if we wanted to do a first look, just because we wanted to keep that part of our day traditional. However, we are so happy we did. It was such a special moment, and we had more time to spend with our guests after the ceremony!


We loved the first look! It was just Matt and me, and the first private moment we got to share together after being separated all day. Being able to spend a few minutes alone with my best friend was a super calming moment for me and eased any nerves I had.



 a tip from grace ann!

Talk with your photographer about your decision on a first look. It's totally up to you and your fiancé if you want to have one! But either way, your choice will effect your timeline. Your photographer can help you determine the best time for your ceremony depending on whether or not you have a first look.