being a wife


What I love most about being a wife is that I get to wake up every morning next to my best friend and next to someone who chooses to love me through the good and the bad, just as God chooses to love us!  


One of the surprising things that I love about being a wife is being introduced to new people by my husband as his wife. You truly feel like you almost have a deeper connection and have a stronger bond than ever before, and I love feeling the pride he has when he introduces me to the room. I also realized that I never truly appreciated or payed attention to weddings that we had attended prior, but after going through the whole process, experience. Now having been a bride myself, I feel so much more happiness, appreciation, and emotions when attending weddings. I love being a wife and having that understanding as new couples start their journey together.   



What I love most about being Kenyon's wife is claiming that I am! He’s one of the best people around and now he’s my official other half. I can’t wait to share with him many more memories and adventures.


I love having my person there all the time, it’s like an endless sleepover with your best friend! I get so excited every day when I come home from work and see his car already home. One of my favorite things that I do every day for Austin is I make his lunch and preset the coffee maker every night before bed. I love that I get to make his life just a little bit easier.

 -  emily

HALL WEDDING Austin Emily-Ceremony-0091.

I love being able to be there for my husband. There is something so special about getting to be the one person someone turns to, the one who can change the tone of a day with something as simple as a long hug or an, “I missed you”. I think that is what I have found the most value in— being needed and needing him all the same. I love being a best friend to my best friend.